CJ’s guide to Pasta with butter in Tribeca

Are picky eaters made or born?  Now here is a debate that parents have been having for generations.  In my household, I strongly believe they are born and not made.

Like so many moms, I was hyper aware of what went into baby’s mouth during both of my kids first few years. Nursed as newborns, fed only food -processed whole foods stored in ice cube trays in the pre teeth stage, followed by lots of veggies and lots of variety cut into small pieces when chewing began.  In fact, CJ, my youngest, ate so many orange veggies (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peppers) that her skin had an orange glow that matched her hair for several months!  Alas, the same exact diet for both children resulted in two entirely different eaters.  Tori, at 13 years, has developed a very refined palate.  She always chooses the most exotic food choice on the menu.  Earl grey flavored ice cream cones (CJ will choose chocolate), and lavender infused sugar crepes (CJ will choose Nutella) are just a few of her latest choices. In addition, Tori  almost never chooses the same thing twice, preferring lots of variety whereas CJ would love nothing more than to eat the same foods for the same 3 meals every single day.


Her absolute favorite?  Pasta with butter, of course!  In her 11 years of living in Tribeca, Carly has become somewhat of an expert at pasta with butter.  With parents who love to eat dinner out, she has eaten this dish at just about every restaurant south of Canal street.   She has analyzed each one as Sam Sifton might analyze a meal at Masa or Gael Greene at Le Bernardin.  Many Tribeca restaurants meet her standards, however, there are 3 that stand out as having the PERFECT pasta with butter dish.  According to CJ, the three best pasta with butter dishes in the Tribeca area are made by the folks at Roc at Greenwich and Duane Street | Landmarc at 179 West Broadway | Da Claudio at 21 Ann Street


Now, you may think pasta with butter pretty much tastes the same wherever you go.  This is where CJ will tell you that you are dead wrong!  There are so many ways to make this dish.  Here’s what CJ believes to be the perfect recipe.


The first and most important step –   A pinch of salt in the water  According to CJ this is the crucial step that can make or break a good pasta with butter dish.

"Photo courtesy photos-public-domain.com".

Other important factors – Is the pasta cooked al dente (slightly undercooked and just a tiny bit crunchy)?  Does it have just the right amount of real butter – not the fake stuff!  What is just the right amount?  When the pasta is gone, there should be no soupy butter sitting in the bottom of the dish.

Finally, a dash of freshly ground sea salt on top will be just perfect.  Parmesan cheese is not her thing but, if included, it should be freshly grated right there at the table.

Know other great places to get a good bowl of pasta with butter? Tell us in the comments below

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