Manhattanite turned Brooklynite – The Point of Greenpoint

Ahh spring!  I love having the opportunity to get on my Citibike and explore a new neighborhood.  On a sunny spring day almost any new neighborhood is exciting, but last weekend my teen and I biked around Williamsburg and Greenpoint.  We covered Williamsburg in a prior post, so today we review Greenpoint.

[Side note: my favorite way to get around Manhattan and Brooklyn- especially in nice weather – is with Citibike. Membership is $163 per year and there are bike kiosks almost everywhere and continually expanding.  I save so much money on taxis that the annual bike price is a steal.   PSA – wear a helmet!

Greenpoint is a small industrial neighborhood located in North Brooklyn across the river from about 22nd street in Manhattan, and only really accessible by the G or the L train. It is both the heart of New York’s polish community and the setting for the HBO series Girls.  It is littered with adorable cafes, hip restaurants and mom and pop shops.  Due to it’s limited train access, population is controlled, favoring the Brooklynites who don’t commute to Manhattan every day.  It is lovingly referred to as the “suburbs” of Williamsburg.

The gateway to Greenpoint  on a bike ride along the water begins at the Greenpoint Beer and Ale on Franklin and N. 15th St.  IMG_9606

Transmitter park  along the East River is a great place to stop for comprehensive views of the NYC skyline.


My friend Katie Luscombe who lived in Greenpoint for several years and is half polish, is a great guide for the ‘hood.  Katie’s faves include:

  • Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – 727 Manhattan Ave – an old school donut counter with yummy cream donuts and pastries.
  • Eat like the locals and try out a traditional polish bakery at 948 Manhattan Ave. – Rzeszowska Bakery
  •  For more local fare, try a traditional Polish restaurant in a medieval themed setting – complete with knights in shining armor at Krolewskie Jadlo just a block from Peter Pan Donut  – Katie says don’t miss the dill pickle soup!
  • For the treasure hunter and vinyl lover, The Thing, is a must see.  Stacks and stacks of mystery records could keep you busy all day long.
  • We can never pass up a good independent bookstore, and WORD at 126 Franklin St. fit the bill.
  • My teenager will definitely be returning to check out the vintage gear at Beacon’s Closet and Fox and Fawn.

My teen and I loved our ride on the bike path down Kent Ave and Franklin St. A right turn on Commercial St takes you to a little pier overlooking Long Island City and Hunters Point. A quick stop at the nearby Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and a rest on the pier will give you the stamina to bike the uphill trek along Manhattan Ave. back towards Williamsburg.


Want to explore more of BK?

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