Why Use Torly Travels?

The question I get asked most often is “Why should we use your service over that of a traditional travel agent?”  Today we will talk about what makes Torly Travels different.

Torly Travels specializes in providing a boutique experience that is tailored directly to you.  The first point of contact begins with a conversation about your goals and travel style. We have found that the biggest point of contention on trips is when one person expects to do certain activities that their travel companions do not think will be fun.  Managing expectations is the key.   So, we dig a little deeper to find out about the travel style of the entire travel party – whether it be kids or other adults.  To accomplish this, we provide each traveler with a questionnaire so we can get an idea of everyone’s expectations.  We have separate questionnaires made for kids and for adults!
Sample Questions

After several conversations coupled with the results of our questionnaire, we are ready to curate the best trip possible.    We take everything we have learned about your travel style and our extensive travel experience and begin to drill down from wherever you are in your planning stage.  We can make hotel and restaurant recommendations, discuss preferred daily activities (we usually recommend a combination of tours and solo exploration), and focus on transportation to and from each destination (we love public transport wherever possible to help encourage sustainable travel).  We don’t solely rely on commissions from 3rd parties as we believe that will restrict our recommendations.  We use a combination of our own extensive travel experience and our expertise in combing through the noise on the internet.  We understand that there is an overwhelming amount of information relating to travel out there.  And it takes hours to break it all down and decipher what is the best fit for you. This is where we are happiest!  Curating the perfect experience tailored specifically to your tastes.

While we can certainly handle flights and hotels, most customers decide to book flights and hotels themselves and use us to plan their “feet on the ground” daily activities.  How many trips have you worked hard to plan, only to arrive at your destination and have everyone look at you each morning and say “What are we going to do today?” If that feeling stresses you out and takes away from the enjoyment of your vacation, you need the services of Torly Travels!

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Where we’ve been so far (*for more than one or two days).

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