Details & Pricing

Our pay structure is divided into 2 levels –  The Discovery Phase and the Explorer Phase.


Level I – the Discovery phase

Think of this simple advisory service as the skeleton of the trip.  It will include a detailed consultation (for about one hour) to discuss your family travel patterns and exactly what kind of experience you look for in a vacation.  Each traveler will fill out our travel questionnaire so we can get a sense of everyone’s travel style.  We will then go and develop a high level itinerary with lots of suggestions for places to stay, things to do and where to eat.  As you book the trip, you can feel free to pick and choose pieces from our suggestions to create a destination that is perfect for you and your travel buddies.  The Discovery phase will allow for  seven days of interaction from the date of the first consultation and will be a $400 flat rate fee.


Level II is the Explorer phase

This includes taking the itinerary created in level I and then booking accommodations, daily activities and a minimum of one food recommendation per day.  It will include info on the hard stuff like the easiest way to get from point A to point B and through what travel medium – sorry we cannot teleport just yet!

This phase will continue throughout the length of the trip.  If your original activities fall through or you just don’t feel like doing the days planned activities, we can support you during your travels with alternative suggestions.  Keeping in mind we do sleep sometimes and time change may be a factor, we will do our best to respond within 2 hours of  your request.  The Explorer phase will last until you are safe and sound back home and will be a fee of $250 per travel day.