Why would I use Torly Travels to plan my vacation?

Torly Travels has been building vacation itineraries for over 10 years. We have done extensive family travel and have always planned our own trips from soup to nuts.  We believe planning and organizing are THE key elements to a successful vacation.  We have experience with travel in many parts of the world, including but not limited to, Europe and the US.  The most important benefit we offer, is that we at Torly Travels understand there is an overwhelming amount of information available relating to travel on the Internet, in travel guides, through word of mouth and on social media.  All of this information takes countless hours to break down and decipher what is important.  We are expert at sifting and culling that information and narrowing it down to a manageable amount of useful recommendations that cater to the specific travel experience that works for you!  We can answer your questions about  – where to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to do each day,  and where to eat.   We even recommend movies to see, or books to read before you go to help enhance the experience.  Our skill is finding the right destination, transportation, accommodation, activity and culinary matches for your personality and travel style.

How does Torly Travels get paid?

In order to best answer this question, we need to tell you how we Do NOT get paid.  We don’t get paid on commissions from hotels, tours, excursions, or airlines.  We feel that every traveler is different and may not fit into the box created by a particular relationship with a particular organization.  We work on finding the optimal solution for YOU!
We offer two levels of service that are paid directly by you (the client).  The first level allows you to use our service to help you narrow down a basic trip and the activities you would like to do, and is paid in a flat upfront fee.  The second level allows for more detailed planning and is paid based upon the number of days you are traveling.  Details about each level can be found here.

How much of a time commitment will you need from me to plan my trip?

We start with a conversation about your goals (30-60 min conversation). Then we give you a short questionnaire so we can get to know you better.  If there are several people in the family traveling, each person will fill out their own.  The questionnaire shouldn’t take more than 20-30 min to fill out.  That’s enough for us to get started.  Then you can be involved as much or as little as you want.  We will check in periodically to make sure we are on the right track.
We always recommend movies to watch, or books to read ( age appropriate – if kids are involved) to get you in the mood for your trip.  That time is completely optional!

How much advance notice do you need to plan my trip?

Ideally we will begin our trip planning at least 8 weeks before departure.  This allows for time for us to get to know your needs and to get the best rates for flights and/or accommodations.  Traditionally, airline rates increase dramatically inside of the 6 week mark of travel. If we are not booking flights, there is a little more flexibility.  We have even planned last minute getaways!

Do you only cater to families?

No – we have kids ourselves so we’ve got lots of great recommendations for kids but we can also work with couples, singles, backpackers, and groups!

Can you help plan a trip on a super low budget?

We can help plan all kinds of travel at all economic levels!  Want a super luxurious trip – we will find the best plan for you.  Want a budget conscious trip?  We can do that too.  The key here is we will generate the type of trip you want.  It takes on average 8 hours to plan a trip to just one destination.  Add a second destination and you’ve got another 4-5 hours of work easily.  The data is out there and we are here to offer our expert organizational and culling skills in gathering a trip that makes sense for your budget.  Let us sift through the data as well as the reviews  and determine the right fit for you.

What if I need help while on my trip?  Is that service available?

As described in our fees section, we have 2 levels of service.  The highest level of service includes advice while on the road.  Although we are confident we will send you on your trip armed with everything you need, travel is all about rolling with the punches.   Unforeseen circumstances will sometimes require additional information from us.  If you have purchased the Adventurer package, we are at your service (with the understanding that it may be the middle of the night for us!) until you are safely back home.

What if I have not purchased the Adventurer package and I need help on my trip? Can I call you?

Sure – our basic package (the Discovery package) includes one week of support no matter where you are.  If you are on the road and determine you need our services to plan your daily activities, find restaurants for you, or if you have a change in venue, we can help you with that for up to one week, at the rate of the  Discovery package.