Hi! I’m Carol

I was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to the New York City as soon as I could. I have been living and working here now for more than 25 years . I married the love of my life in the Hamptons in 2009 and a few years later had two beautiful girls who are now two beautiful teenagers. During that time, I owned and operated a children’s retail shop in Tribeca called Torly Kid.

Of course I absolutely love travel or why else would I be here! I have always traveled but began to travel extensively when my girls were 5 & 6 years old. We quickly learned that traveling with kids was not only fun but rewarding! And even more so as they have become teenagers. A major benefit to owning my own business was that during the slow season, I could take my kids away for extended periods of time. We started in 2011 with 6 weeks in Italy (which I like to say is Europe 101!), and got more and more creative every summer. With my girls, I have spent summers in France, Spain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Germany and the Alps. Follow my instagram @torlytravels to see where we are going next!

Now that my girls are teenagers, I have really focused my research on traveling with teens. There is so much out there about traveling with kids but when you really dive into it, you learn that it is very kid focused and not so teen focused. Many of my city reviews include activities that will make even the grumpiest teen smile!

While I adore all things travel, I learned that what I love the most is the research and planning piece – which is great because that’s what most people hate. I love reading travel guides, searching the internet, scouring reviews and chatting with others to find out about all of the little known places, exciting things to do, and hot places to eat. I never set off on a trip without a detailed itinerary filled with lots of little tidbits that can be easily referenced on the go.

I began helping others personalize their itineraries a few years ago and have learned so much along the way. Follow me on my blog and on social media to benefit from some of the cool stuff I have learned. Or better yet, let me personalize your next itinerary and do all the research for you!