Does the idea of planning and organizing a great vacation keep you from going on a great vacation?  Let us make it easy for you!  Our extensive travel experience and love for travel research can help you plan any kind of trip from a quick weekend getaway to a month long extravaganza.


Our specialty is creating a fantasy family experience where there is something fun for everyone – even the grumpiest person in the bunch – be it your teen, your 2 year old, or ahem…Dad!  Offload the  countless hours of research that is required to plan a successful trip to us.  We will spend the required amount of time on everything from the big picture of your trip to the challenging minutiae of getting from point A to point B – a service you can’t get from a travel agent.  Also, we don’t get paid on commissions so you won’t be limited to a handful of hotels that may not be a good fit.  We work to find the fit that is right for you and your family!