Staycation Ideas for Winter Break in NYC

Staying in the Big Apple for Winter Break?  Here are a few ideas to keep you busy (and happy!) while the kids are home.

  • Follow my NYC with Tweens or Teens post for some entertaining ideas that are guaranteed to minimize the eye rolling and complaining, and maximize the looking away from electronic devices!  Including a fun Downtown Cupcake tour and a Scavenger Hunt.
  • Even experienced New Yorkers can get something out of the Double Decker Bus Tour in NYC.  It was something we wanted to do for years, and just experienced this past year.  We had a blast and even learned a few things along the way!  Check out my post on that experience for all the ins and outs.
  • Need a few more ideas?  I’ve created two sample itineraries filled with fun spots to check out in NYC.  One for the Novice and one for the Pro.  Both have great tips for restaurants and shopping as well as engaging activities for both you and the kids.
  • Don’t miss the holiday windows –see my review here!  Does the idea of visiting midtown terrify you in December?  Here’s my hack – for many years, we would get the kids up there by 8 or 9am and we would tour the holiday windows almost completely on our own.  The midtown streets are magical at that hour.  A nice brunch out, or tea at The Plaza tops off the experience.
  • Get off the island of Manhattan and explore another borough!  We moved to Brooklyn last May and have been tackling it one neighborhood at a time.  Pick one and follow our lead for a new and different experience that only takes a few hours.  So far we have covered Bushwick, Dumbo, Williamsburg and Prospect Park  and Greenpoint.  Stay tuned for more neighborhoods to come.

Have other ideas for your staycation in NYC?  Mention them in the comments!




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