Last night we were lucky enough to witness Gerard Alessandri’s Spamilton.  A parody on the hit show Hamilton, this show covers all the highlights for Broadway lovers and couldn’t be funnier.  While we have seen Hamilton and could appreciate all of the Lin Manuel, Daveed Diggs, and Leslie Odom Jr humor, my father in law, who has not yet seen the original, laughed plenty at all of the clever references to other shows and other actors.

The show begins with Dan Rosales playing “Lin Manuel as Hamilton”  and singing “I’m not going to let Broadway rot” to the tune of “My Shot”.  Nicholas Edwards does an eerily precise interpretation of Daveed Diggs (big hair and all) and  Chris Anthony Giles, playing Leslie Odom Jr, does a terrific rendition of “I Want to Be in the Film When It Happens”.  It’s so hard to pick a favorite number but when King George sang “Straight is Back” to the tune of “You’ll Be Back”, we all roared.  The 90 minute play ends with “Drink a Glass to Broadway” sung to the tune of “The Story of Tonight” and encourages the art of getting out there and writing your own musical.  Run to see this terrific show before it ends!!

The 130 seat Triad theater is located at 72nd St on the Upper West Side and definitely worth an entertaining night out.  Tickets are $69 and the show runs through the end of April.   There is a two drink minimum in the theater.

UPDATE:  Use discount code TRIADSPAM now through April 30, 2017 to get $20 off tickets!

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